We are proud to offer you our services with our experienced pilots for area of Montenegro. 

Our sales department is happy to discuss any requirements that you may have and is also on hand to recommend products and solutions.
We take pride in fulfilling our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations- rapidly, reliably and safely. 


We are offering Eurocopter EC120 with capacity of 4 passengers plus pilot.

 We also offer a Light aircraft Cessna 172N with capacity of 3 passengers plus pilot.


One hour flight with Cessna 172N is Euro 250,00 including VAT.


We are offering a trip tour with our helicoters. 

1. You can experience the trill of flying between the majestic montains of Boka Bay. 
HIGLIGHTS: Tivat, Mamula Island, Porto Montenegro, Lady of the rocks, St. George Island, Perast, Kotor. 
Flight 20 minutesper person- 140 euro, per helicopter- 560 euro 


2. About Adriatic adventure, be witness the beauty of Boka bay and soar above the dazzling Adriatic coastline and the magnificient Njegos Mausoleum the top of the mountain Lovcen.

HIGHLIGHTS: Kotor, Lovcen, Njegos mausoleum, St. Stephan, Budva, Blue caves, Mamula Island, Lady of the rocks. 
Flight 40 minutes: per person- 240 euro, per helicopter- 960 euro 


3. If you want explorer tour, you can discover a diverse Montenegro! Be amazed by the country's beauty and contrasting landscapes. 
HIGHLIGHTS: Kotor, Lovcen, Njegos mausoleum, Ostrog Monastery, Moraca kanyon, Skadar lake, St.Stephan, Budva, Blue caves, Lustica penincula, Mamula Island, Lady of the rocks. 
Flight 1 hour: per person- 350 euro, per helicopter- 1400 euro


4. If you want to have the ultimate scenic helicopter tour, then we will take you across the whole country, to view breathtaking panoramas. 
HIGHLIGHTS: Boka bay, Kotor, Njegos mausoleum, Lovcen, Ostrog monastery, Zabljak, Tara river, Skadar lake, Ada Bojana, Ulcinj, St. Stephan, Budva. 

Flight 2 hours: per person- 700 euro, per helicopter- 2 800 euro


5. You can, also, enjoy a scenic flight over Boka bay, before shoping  for fresh and authentic seafood in Catovica Mlini picturesque traditional restaurant set in an old mill. 

HIGLIGHTS: Tivat, Porto Montenegro, Kotor, Lady of the rocks, St. George Island, Perast. Return to Tivat via VIP car transfer. 

Flight 15 minutes: per person- 170 euro, per helicopter- 680 euro


6.  In our tour called Ostrog tour, you can see the popular pilgrimage of Ostrog Monastery, for a guided tour of the 17th century church. 

HIGLIGHTS: Tivat, Porto Montenegro, Kotor, San Giovanni Fortress, Lovcen, Njegos mausoleum, Cetinje, Ostrog monastery. 
Fligt 2 hours at the destination (20 minutes each way): per person- 315 euro, per helicopter- 1260 euro


7. Fly to Sipcanik Wine Cellar for guided a tour and enjoy a variety of wines paired with traditional dishes. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Boka bay, Kootr, Lovcen, Njegos mausoleum, Cetinje, Sipcanik, Skadar lake, St. Stephan, Budva.

Flight includes 15 hours at the destination (25 minutes each way): per person- 385 euro, per helicopter- 1540 euro 


8. Take a luxurious trip to St. Stephan, home to the exlusive Aman resort. Experience the luxury 5* spa or lunch at one of the 3 on-site restaurants. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Mamula Island, Lustica penincula, Blue caves, Budva, St. Stephan. 
Flight includes 2 hours at the destination (20 minutes each way), and exludes Spa treatment and lunch: per person- 290 euro, per helicopter- 1160 euro 

Eurocopter EC120