Ethno Villages

Montenegro offers the charms of rural tourism that will win you over. South and North of Montenegro, coast, plains and mountains, villas and houses are an unforgettable blend that will make your holiday unforgettable. Find your ideal rural accommodation and let that Montenegrin places remain in your memory as an unforgettable experience in a beautiful rural setting.
Agritourism in Montenegro also offers cultural tourism, which is a specific form of tourism that includes visits of tourists outside their permanent place of residence motivated by the interests of culture including history, arts, heritage and lifestyle of people in a locality or a region.


Klinci Village

This is a traditional stone village dating back almost two hundred years, but until recently it was in ruins. Local witnesses still living and contribute to the additional fascination of this place.

When you want to rest and relaxe in a quiet and rural setting, high in the hills, this village is the perfect option for you and for your kids. It’s traditionally built stone village has been restored with love and it creates six country-style apartments with modern features and a beautiful view.

Each object is located on one of three levels and is connected by a series of small stone steps and paths dotted with flower beds of local varieties of plants and flowers. In the gardens lives mostly birds - parrots and turtles, which certainly contribute to rural themes here.
During hot summer days, a swimming pool is located on the ground floor at the entrance to the villagen and it is ideal for rest and relaxation. Light snacks and drinks are served at the pool.

You can also enjoy wandering through the olive groves of private owners, take a mountain bike to further destinations, or jump into your rental car and go to the coast of the idyllic village of Rose, which is only 4 km.